Talent International: Development Dip

As Benjamin Franklin confirmed: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

TALiNT International’s article highlights the current issue of engagement and wider research confirms, the ‘loss’ of learned knowledge from training sessions is dramatic without group interaction and applying learned skills quickly, preferably within the training session.

So, with still significant numbers not ‘back’ in our offices as we were, what can we do to achieve a greater engagement and thus ROI from our L&D budget?

The key is for the delegates to ‘own’ and implement the changes to their existing practices from the training and to immediately apply these changes within their current workflows.

Inductive learning, also known as discovery learning, is a process where the learner discovers and develops their style and practices by interactive involvement in actual workflow situations.

This ‘Interactive’ approach is only available within Bespoke training programs, tailored specifically to your business’ workflows, where the delegates are clear on the objectives of the training and the benefits to them, as well as the business.

First, involve your internal Talent in identifying the changes needed and with external support, you can refine the best practice techniques specific to them within a workshop forum, to then apply in the interactive training sessions, whether virtual or within the office.

Does your current training program include this essential ‘Engagement’?

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