Now officially in the English language and thus in the dictionary under the description of an ‘informal noun’ meaning “the capacity to recover quickly from a setback.” Thanks always Iain.

Sportsmen and sportswomen, can give us as recruiters tremendous inspiration and example. Particularly in resilience and determination!

A great example was given to us by Adam Peaty in how he recovered mentally and physically from his 1st defeat over 100m in 8 years, to within 24 hours come back and grab the Gold medal in the 50m.

Detailed in another article in The Guardian Newspaper he confirmed when “Asked to describe the 50m final, Peaty was blunt. “I didn’t know what I was doing,” he said. “I just went down with my heart and soul. It’s been a very tough Games. But you know what? I’m a fighter. I thought: I’m not going to let anyone else come and take it. They are going to have to work hard for it.”

As recruiters, our resilience and determination is generally tested on a daily basis, so it’s important to take example and draw on these, to restore and develop our self-belief and the will to pick ourselves up, look at what we could have and will do differently and then move forward.

Remember also that you can draw on the support from your colleagues (past and present). The stronger and closer the culture, the stronger and more successful the team.

Thanks to all our role models, wherever they come from.

Who have you drawn on lately to recognise your key strengths?

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