Clean energy news

It’s no surprise that there is soaring demand for Talent within the Green-Energy and Renewables sectors across the UK, US and Europe.

This demand is not short term and thus of particular interest to those seeking a career that makes an impact, nationally and globally.

As detailed by S&P Global Market Intelligence “Private equity and venture capital firms poured $53.7 billion into climate technology in 2021, according to research firm BloombergNEF”.

The important point they raise is “The momentum looks set to continue, with climate-focused investors saying their funding decisions in the private markets are insulated from near-term headwinds and market cycles by a wager that, over the coming decades, the global economy will inevitably decarbonize.”

“Private buyers of infrastructure assets, especially those for high-quality, de-risked, essential infrastructure, take a longer-term view and are less influenced by short-term economic conditions or sentiment,” Sam Pollock, CEO of Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP”

Given this increased long term investment, there are exciting career opportunities for those with current and transferable skills, particularly if you engage with specialist recruiters to source potential roles.

Can you see your career within Green-Energy / Renewables?

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