Please don’t work longer hours, work smarter.

I thank my children for many things and amongst them is driving me to be more focussed and efficient.

As part of the small management team that founded Page Personnel, I was a billing manager with 12-hour days, ‘busy’ achieving personal and team success in a recessed market.

However; with the birth of our first child, I wanted to spend less time at work and still achieve the same results and even higher objectives.

I reviewed the processes across each day, week and month which delivered my personal and team revenue, to highlight the key ‘milestones’ that had the most impact on the revenue pipeline.

I realised then and have proven ever since, that by prioritising and managing weekly, the key targets specific to each business, for example new jobs in, interviews attended (for new candidates and at roles), lead conversion, etc; then activities can be tailored individually to these, so productivity and revenue can be maximised.

This focus worked as part of growing a large successful brand I’m proud to have been involved in the start-up of, as well as for those I’ve run and assisted with since.

Are you clear on your key Milestones vs KPI’s?

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