I’ve had discussions this week with a number of my clients who deliver Retained assignments to all or some of their clients and one underlying query from some in this current “candidate-rich” market, with a growing positive outlook, is whether there’s still the benefit to them of retaining their external recruitment specialist.

Fundamentally we know the main drivers where Clients benefit from Retained searches are:
1. Confidentiality – this is not assured within a Contingent process.
2. Speed and efficiency of turnaround to a defined schedule.
3. The role has relatively unique or scarce skillset and experience requirements.
4. Greater Candidate commitment and exclusivity.

These needs and the benefits continue to apply, even when more high calibre Candidates are seeking new opportunities and / or are open to discussions.

With the heightened need for Directors’ and Managers’ time to be focussed on operational issues within this dynamic and challenging market, there’s greater need for any current recruitment requirements to be well managed and delivered within an agreed process.

If you recruit new talent, have you seen the benefits of retaining a recruitment specialist?

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