In a recent blog I suggested that ‘Resilience can be learnt’ and this I’ve been able to prove within my businesses and those of my clients; but that’s not the same as ‘Determination’.

I believe that determination comes much more from the individual and is usually linked with ‘drive’ ‘want’ and ‘commitment’.

Certainly ‘talent’ and ‘aptitude’ play a part in achieving success as a Recruiter and if you have both talent and determination, then you’re more likely to achieve accelerated success.

As business owners, our responsibility is to provide the support and development to maximise the success and growth of all of our people, to mutual benefit and experience has confirmed for me that as with resilience, talent can be developed.

If you want to be ‘invested in’, developed and to progress within your business, then I recommend you clearly and consistently display not just your Resilience within your current role, but also your clear and focussed Determination to achieve your agreed objectives.

There’s no question that this is more easily achieved when you’re supported within an agreed and structured L&D plan, specific to you, which you therefore ‘own’ and deliver on.

The ‘ball is in your court’ and as the old Swedish proverb confirms: “God gives every bird a worm, but he does not throw it into the nest.”

So, go get your worm!

Where do you draw your determination from?

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