As a Rugby Referee and a Recruiter, I see some valuable lessons that we can take from this (and other contact) sport.

No.2 ‘Embrace the Contact’

Your coaches urge you to go ‘full on’ into contact using the right techniques. It’s the ‘best’ way not to get injured. They’re right.

The same applies for us as Recruiters.

No, please don’t collide with your clients and candidates, but relish the contact and be aware of the benefits to you and to them.

Just as we train for in sport, ensure your mindset and thus your performance ‘in contact’, is constantly evolving and that you’re playing to your strengths.

This difficult market means there is more uncertainty. Our expert advice is MOST in need and adds the greatest VALUE.

Our clients need our market expertise on the best options and innovative recruitment solutions, possibly also for them as a candidate.

For our candidates we can advise how to better target their search and how to improve their employability.

Focus on the benefits we provide; then we’ll be more proactive and prioritise the ‘who’, the ‘why’ and the ‘what’ in our contact; whether in our posts, emails, calls or meetings.

What techniques do you use to ‘Embrace the contact’?

Photo by Quino al on Unsplash

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