As a Rugby Referee and Recruiter, I see valuable lessons that we can take from sport and activities.

No. 3 ‘Do the Basics Well’

In the current, albeit fragmented, Zurich Premiership season, Exeter Chiefs have consistently demonstrated, that consciously doing the basics well, will take you to the top of the table.

Sometimes we lose sight of what’s made us successful and also if we’ve been a Recruiter for some time, we may ‘fall out’ of working within ‘Conscious Competence’.

All those who’ve worked with me over the years, will recall me using Martin M. Broadwell’s model of “the four levels of teaching” and how this applies to our ongoing journey to achieve our maximum potential.

If we’re not ‘conscious’ about why we do what we do, we may stop doing aspects incrementally and ‘fall’ into ‘Unconscious Competence’ and work by intuition. You realise only when results downturn and by then it’s hard to ‘get back’ into the conscious ‘zone’.

Refocus on your core objectives within each of the 3 cycles (Clients, Candidates, Jobs) and prioritise the skills to achieve them. You’ll then innovate in this dynamic market.

It’s got to be worth a try!

Have you had issues from ‘Unconscious Competence’?

Photo by Olga Guryanova on Unsplash

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