As a Rugby Referee and Recruiter, I see some valuable lessons that we can take from this (and other contact) sport.

No. 4 ‘Play to your strengths’

As Vet’s skipper (some years back), I had the honour of leading the mighty ‘Rangers’ at #sidcuprugby and we knew that to win games, it wasn’t always ‘champagne rugby’ from the start. With a ‘wily’ (was going to say ‘gnarly’, but will cost me many pints at the club) pack, ‘Route 1’ was control and then flair.

As a Recruiter, in competing for client business and the most placeable candidates, you know that you can’t be all things to all people. You need to be targeted to stand out!

Ensure you have a clear picture of who your core sector clients and candidates are, why and how you do what you do that adds value to them. Then you’ll stand out.

Focus on your skills and product knowledge of candidates and clients, to target similar roles in aligned sectors for you to win new clients.

Refine your ‘Elevator Pitch’ as one or two short sentences to provide a clear picture to those you’re targeting, of what you bring and how you add value; even in a ‘new’ sector.

Can you see how your strengths can win you business, also in ‘new’ / aligned markets?

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